Pig Shooting Now More Profitable Than Pig Farming

by 5m Editor
3 January 2008, at 8:52am

AUSTRALIA - The "Gone Shooting" signs could start appearing on Queensland piggeries as game hunting becomes more profitable than mainstream pork production.

One of the State's major game processors says shooters are receiving between 60 cents and $1 per kilogram dressed weight for wild boar.

At that rate, the hunting parties at least can pay their costs and finish 'in the black' - while pork producers' balance sheets are sliding into the red, with a reported loss of between 20c and 30c/kg.

But Wild Game Resources director, Cliff Dee, says relatively small volumes of Australian wild pigmeat go to export markets, mainly in Europe.

He estimates gross national wild pigmeat exports between 2000 and 2500 tonnes.

With his company processing pigmeat from a wide area of inland Australia from the Gulf to South Australia, Mr Dee warned primary producers to expect an escalation in the wild pig population, following the spring and summer rain.

Source: North Queensland Register

5m Editor