Report Highlights Successes over PMWS

by 5m Editor
4 January 2008, at 3:54pm

UK - The careful use of alternative boars and crosses are lessening the clinical effects of PMWS, according to the UK Pig Disease Quarterly Surveillance Report.

The report by the British Veterinary Laboratories Agency, just published for the third quarter of 2007, stresses that particularly the use of Pietrain crosses are having beneficial effects.

"Field observations in the UK suggest that the disease has been much reduced by recent attention to breeding particularly with removal of the terminal Large White sire," the report states.

"Those users who have tried the Merial vaccine in sows have been impressed with its performance."

For the condition PRRS the report says that there is much more diversity now than there was at the start of the outbreak 15 years ago. Many of the new strains are similar to vaccine strains.

"We do not know the ability of the commercial vaccine strains to protect against the myriad of new strains," the report says. "It is still difficult to isolate a strain from a single pig and multiple samples are necessary."

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