RSPCA Australia Rallies Against Cruelty

AUSTRALIA - The Australian Royal Society for Protection of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has joined the worldwide mounting clamour for improved welfare conditions in pig and egg production.
calendar icon 14 January 2008
clock icon 3 minute read

RSPCA Chief Scientist Dr Bidda Jones said each year, many of Australia’s intensively farmed animals suffer from inhumane treatment and housing conditions that most people would consider unacceptable. Yet, quietly and steadily, these cruel practices - such as battery hen farming and the use of single stalls for breeding pigs – continue.

“The RSPCA said it believes it is vital that consumers are made aware of such practices and that consumers are provided with welfare-friendly alternatives.”

"Creating a demand for welfare-friendly products will provide an incentive to producers to adopt humane farming practices."
RSPCA Chief Scientist Dr Bidda Jones.

“We call on our supermarkets to clearly label animal products according to their means of production and ensure that they stock alternative products that have been produced without applying these practices.”

“The RSPCA pork and egg accreditation scheme provides consumers with a clear choice and a guarantee of high animal welfare standards.” “Creating a demand for welfare-friendly products will provide an incentive to producers to adopt humane farming practices.”

All RSPCA accredited producers must adhere to a set of audited standards that ensure that animals have the freedom to move around and express normal behaviour, contact with their own kind and a comfortable environment to live in. Battery cages and single stalls for pigs are prohibited under the RSPCA accreditation scheme. The scheme also covers the supply, transport and slaughter stages of farming.

RSPCA recommends consumers don’t buy eggs that have been produced in battery cages. Instead, choose eggs that have been produced in a barn-laid or free range system, such as RSPCA accredited eggs.

RSPCA also recommends consumers don’t buy pork products that have been produced in intensive farming systems. Instead, look for products that are accredited by the RSPCA, such as Otway Pork or Gooralie Pork.

“If animal-welfare friendly products are not available, talk to your butcher or supermarket manager. Tell them you would prefer to buy products that do not come from cruel farming systems and encourage them to consider stocking and promoting products that are humanely produced,” Dr Jones said.

Accredited egg and pork producers pay a royalty to the RSPCA. All royalties from accreditation are used to pay specialist officers who carry out regular inspections of the accredited properties, to fund the development of certification standards and to fund ongoing campaigns aimed at improving the welfare of farm animals.

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