Thompson's Tip: Lesson for Lumps and Lameness

by 5m Editor
16 January 2008, at 8:22am

Many cases of lameness in pigs are a result of mechanical injury and do not always need antibiotics, says vet Paul Thomson MRCVS, consultant practioner with breeding company ACMC.

For example, a twist can cause lameness and treatment with a reputable anti-inflammatory medicine may be the best option. However, if broken bones are suspected, then the pig should be euthanased immediately on welfare grounds.

Often these cases are treated only with antibiotics when a number of good anti-inflammatory drugs licensed for pigs will remedy the ailment.

He says that while it can be difficult on farm to decide whether a swelling on a pig's leg is the result of an injury or infection, anti-inflammatory agents act to reduce the swelling and speed-up recovery.

"Producers should discuss the use of anti-inflammatory drugs during their vet visits," he says.

5m Editor