Workers Commit To Get Surplus to Charity

by 5m Editor
22 January 2008, at 9:22am

CANADA - Pork plant workers in Quebec have put in extra hours to process surplus supplies for charity.

The meat packer Olymel at St-Esprit, north of Montréal, pledged to extend its operating hours for three saturday's in January to process a backlog of pork. This meat was then been allocated for food banks and charities to help feed the hungry and homeless.

According to Alberta's Farm Express the extra pigs were a "momentary surplus" created by the plants closure during Christmas and New Year. In keeping with Quebec's initiative to reduce surpluses, the meat - amounting to 60,000 kg pork and poultry products, valued at around CAN$500,000 - was donated to more than 60 social assistance organisations through Moisson Lanaudière, a food aid agency for the region.

Olymel has been praised for its actions.

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5m Editor