Anxious Producers Promised Response

by 5m Editor
8 February 2008, at 10:10am

MANITOBA - Pig producers have been promised a government response the recent Clean Environment Commission report on the sustainability of the industry by the end of February.

According to CBC News, Conservation Minister Stan Struthers is now studying the report and says anxious pig farmers will know his views within the month. He has also extended a moratorium on new hog barns and expansions, until that time. The CEC submitted a long-awaited report on the issue to Manitoba Conservation this week

Karl Kynoch, chair of the Manitoba Pork Council, said the moratorium, combined with the high Canadian dollar, high feed costs and low meat prices, are adding up to a tough time for producers. He said struggling producers may be keen to re-model their operations to try to adjust to the new circumstances.

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