Big Sky Management Moves

by 5m Editor
8 February 2008, at 11:29am

SASKATCHEWAN - One of the Province's major pork producers, Big Sky Farms, has named Florian Possberg deputy chair of the company.

This newly created post moves its founder from his role as president and CEO, but he will remain on its board of directors, writes Murray Lyons in Saskatoon's StarPhoenix.

Big Sky's board says the change represents an expansion of the senior management team. And Possberg is being asked to shift attention from day-to-day operations to pursue growth opportunities, whether that be regional, national or international.

Ontario-based, Big Sky board chair Larry Martin says the new position keeps Possberg on at an executive salary and plays to his strength in building business opportunities.

"He's really good at it and he's been wanting to do more of it," said Martin, an economist with the Ontario agribusiness think-tank the George Morris Centre. "Basically, there wasn't enough Florian to go around on both the external and internal stuff."

Pig industry consultant John LaClare, who previously headed Big Sky's production team, is joining Big Sky on an interim basis as president and CEO.

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5m Editor