Delegates to Discuss Challenges Facing the Pork Industry

by 5m Editor
11 February 2008, at 8:14am

US - The National Pork Industry Forum will be held in St. Louis, Mo. from 6 to 8 March 2008. Key issues, challenges and opportunities facing the pork industry will be discussed by Pork Act Delegates.

Pork Act Delegates are pork producers or importers nominated by their state pork producer associations or individually, then appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture. Each of the 50 states may be represented by at least two Pork Act Delegates. The number of delegates and the voting "power" of each delegate are determined by the amount of Checkoff collected from the state they represent.

National Pork Board President Lynn Harrison says a question that will be debated is how the US pork industry can be accountable to its customer’s desires, while building a trust relationship and doing so in a sustainable manner.

"A special task force will issue a report and delegates will consider a resolution endorsed by several states laying out a process for achieving success in building that trust relationship," says Alan Wilhoite, chair of the Pork Checkoff Resolutions Committee.

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