Enviro System Comes to Europe

by 5m Editor
1 February 2008, at 10:40am

FLANDERS - To enhance the European market entry of its patented vibratory membrane separation system or VSEP system, manufacturer New Logic has joined forces with Eco Flanders of Belgium.

VSEP is used as the water treatment step in a comprehensive process developed by Eco Flanders where methane is recovered and converted to electrical energy.

With increasing concern about livestock production and its contribution to greenhouse gas generation, the system offers opportunities to reduce environmental impacts.

VSEP could offer European producers economic and environmental benefits.

"By using a bio-methanation process that such as the VSEP separation process, pig producers can harvest and sell electrical energy and concentrated organic fertilizer while gaining clean water for reuse in their operations," says New Logic's Chief Executive Officer, Greg Johnson.

He says that taking the manure from an environmental liability and converting it to valuable by-products that can be sold or reused is good business and environmentally sensible

The company has recently installed its first European VSEP separation system to treat anaerobically digested pig manure. The system was installed and commissioned in Belgium at a major production facility. Six similar systems are planned for farms across Europe.

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5m Editor