Herd Contraction Continues

by 5m Editor
7 February 2008, at 1:56pm

UK - Meat and Livestock Commission analysts report further contraction in the UK pig breeding herd. Estimates now suggest a total of 400,000 head forecast this year, although they say the decline could be greater if there is no real improvement in producer prices.

As well as continuing high feed prices, producers are facing additional legislative burdens that will add to their costs. And, with pig meat production forecast to be lower this year, the UK will need to import more pork than in 2007 to maintain consumption, says MLC.

The weak pound, which is currently making imports more expensive, is providing some benefits but it;s not likely to halt the trend if home supplies dwindle.

The latest UK pig meat supply forecasts are presented in the January edition of Pig Market Trends. Also, included are the Pigplan physical and financial results for the year ending September 2007. They illustrate how much more producers have had to pay for their feed than in 2006.

5m Editor