Lagoon Conversion Scheme Open for Business

by 5m Editor
1 February 2008, at 10:45am

NORTH CAROLINA - The Lagoon Conversion Program (LCP) is now accepting applications from pig farmers seeking financial assistance to install innovative waste management technologies.

Round one funding application will be accepted from today 1 February through to 17 March 2008.

The LCP is a voluntary agricultural cost share program designed specifically to meet the needs of North Carolina’s pig producers. Through the scheme they may be eligible for up to 90 percent cost share for converting existing manure/ effluent lagoons and sprayfield systems into more innovative animal waste management systems. The aim is to improve environmental safety and greater protection of water courses.

LCP, which has been developed primarily by industry stakeholders and representative organisations, will also help to establish centralised waste collection and treatment systems to serve existing swine waste management systems that employ the new technology. Eventually, the program will establish a methane capture pilot program to help producers create more value added by-products and possible energy generation.

5m Editor