Mislabelling Allegation Hits Primo Meats

by 5m Editor
20 February 2008, at 9:58am

AUSTRALIA - Primo Meats Group, Australia's largest smallgoods supplier, is under investigation over claims that subsidised pig meat imported from Denmark and Canada is being relabelled as Australian.

The company could face fines of up to $275,000 if found guilty of labelling foreign pork as local product.

According to National Nine News, The New South Wales Food Authority is aware of the issue and the company has voluntarily withdrawn some products. A spokesman for NSW Primary Industries Ministry said that the investigation is still underway.

NSW Food Authority said that any company found to have breached labelling guidelines could face fines of up to $275,000.

Andrew Spencer, the chief executive officer of industry group Australian Pork Limited, said the label 'Product of Australia' should be used only to identify pork that is 100 per cent Australian grown.

Other labels such as 'Made in Australia' or 'Made from local and imported ingredients' are used to identify imported pork that is processed in Australia. However, they are often misleading to consumers.

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5m Editor