Off to a Flying Start in China

by 5m Editor
8 February 2008, at 10:48am

SASKATOON - Sakachewan-based swine genetics company, Fast Genetics, has completed its largest live pig export to China.

More than 860 great-grand parent Landrace, Large White and Duroc animals, originating from the company's nucleus facilities in Northern Saskatchewan, flew via Chicago to Chengdu, China where 26 Chinese military trucks awaited their arrival. The pigs were then transported to a new unit near Nanchong, China.

Fast Genetics' first shipment of breeding stock to China will form the bas of a new breeding an production enterprise in Chongqing.

The pigs were sold to Tianzow Foods, based in Chongqing and will populate a new nucleus facility. The company has distribution right for Fast Genetics in China.

Fast Genetics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hytek Ltd, a pork production company based in Manitoba that has a significant equity interest in Chongqing Tianzow Food Holdings (Tianzow Foods) The Chinese conglomerate owns pork production facilities, slaughtering and processing plants and a chain of retail meat stores. It's key objective is to supply safe and consistent pork to the what is largest pork market in the world - and it's succeeding, say the company. This export of nucleus breeding stock completes the vertical integration of Tianzow Foods in China.

5m Editor