Pork Producers Demand Safeguards

by 5m Editor
12 February 2008, at 9:27am

Pork producers from the states of Michoacán, Queretaro and Jalisco in Mexico have demanded that the federal government enforce safeguards and close the borders to imports of pork meat.

The pleas comes in a bid to avoid further damage to the Mexican pork sector, according to the USDA Foreigmn Agricultural Service.

Vicente Garcia, representative of the pork producers, said that the pork sector is registering a significant economic loss due to fallen sales of about 30 percent and a 75-per cent increase in agricultural inputs.

"This situation is jeopardising this activity and the government could impose safeguards to imports of swine and pork products as a measure to protect the sector which is facing a critical situation that could compromise its existence in the future," said Mr Garcia.

However, Mexic's Ministry for the Economy (SE) said they cannot apply trade barriers to impede US imports of pork products, because there is no evidence of any damage to domestic production.

Beatriz Leycegui, Undersecretary for Trade Negotiations, said: "There can't be a safeguard unless we cover the requirements; one of which is conclusive evidence of substantial import growth, and that hasn't happened."

5m Editor