Serious Questions for Butte Pork Plant

by 5m Editor
5 February 2008, at 10:39am

MONTANA - Given the dismal national record of pig processing plants, the Ranchland Packing Company’s proposed pig plant is potentially very problematic for Butte, says John Ray in the Montana Standard.

He says that while the company and some Butte officials tout the proposed plant as economically benefiting Butte, hidden behind this euphoria are potential significant problems of water pollution, air pollution, odour pollution, heavy metal contamination, animal and human disease problems, and economic dislocation. These issues must be investigated and the proposal warrants close scrutiny before it is sactioned, says Ray.

"For too long, Butte officials have welcomed with open arms any proposal which says that it will create jobs. Officials consistently fail to look at these proposals with any form of critical scrutiny." he says.
And adds that it is time for local leaders to look beyond the elusive promise of temporary economic gain and focus on the long-term detrimental effects such projects as the pig processing plant could have on Butte. He beleives that building a better Butte does not mean accepting any proposal which promises economic benefits.

"Water pollution Waste from a pig processing plant can lead to degradation and eutrophication of water bodies. Wastewater discharged from a plant can pollute surface and groundwater with organic and inorganic contaminants. Animal waste contaminates ground and surface water with high concentrations of nitrates and phosphorous," Ray continues.

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