Task Force to Review Vet Service

by 5m Editor
25 February 2008, at 11:09am

CANADA - All facets of veterinary services provided to Manitoba's Agriculture sector will be reviewed by a new task force. Food and Rural Initiatives Minister Rosann Wowchuk announced the review which aims to establish establish what services were required by the province.

The responsibilities of veterinarians are evolving in line with a changing food and farming industry .

"Veterinary duties now include providing surveillance for the potential threat of foreign animal diseases that could have serious consequences for Manitoba's wild animals and the province's livestock industry," said Ms Wowchuk. " As the services required from veterinarians expand, it remains important that Manitoba's producers have timely access to veterinary medical care for their livestock," she added.

"This review process will help to ensure we all have a clear understanding of the services that need to be available and the roles of veterinarians"
Minister Rosann Wowchuk


The task force will examine how veterinary services are distributed, systems currently in place for early warning and surveillance of both local and foreign animal diseases, and how effectively provincial services are responding to increased demands on veterinarians.

The task force is chaired by livestock producer Ron Kostyshyn and includes veterinarian Dr. Paul Schneider and private citizen Neil Hathaway. Task force support is provided by Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives.

Public consultations are scheduled in Eriksdale on March 3, Dauphin on March 4, Souris on March 5, St. Claude on March 6 and Oak Bluff on March 7. Local advertisements will provide exact locations and times for the meetings.

The minister noted the task force will also re-examine current legislation and existing provincial programs, review how veterinary services are provided in other jurisdictions and make recommendations on options to meet current and future demands for veterinary medical service for all provincial livestock producers and animal owners.

"This review process will help to ensure we all have a clear understanding of the services that need to be available and the roles of veterinarians, the public and government in safeguarding the health of our animals and livestock industries," said the minister.

5m Editor