African Swine Fever Quarantine Abolished in Azerbaijan

by 5m Editor
31 March 2008, at 12:30pm

AZERBAIJAN - The State Veterinary Service at the Azerbaijani Agricultural Ministry has abolished the quarantine imposed on the village of Nij in the Gabala region of Azerbaijan as a result of an African Swine Fever outbreak, reports S.Babayeva on TrendCapital.

The State Veterinary Service placed Nij under quarantine on 28 January, which is the first time ASF has been officially reported in Azerbaijan.

Before discovery of the virus, the number of pigs in the village totalled 4,700, all of which have been destroyed. The village is banned from re-stocking for six months following the lifting of the quarantine.

The main pig-breeding regions of Azerbaijan are Gabala, Zagatala, Shaki, Balakan, Ganja and districts of Baku.

5m Editor