EU Pig Prices: Easter Breather!

by 5m Editor
20 March 2008, at 12:08pm

EU - On the verge of Easter, the EU pigs-mature-for-slaughter-market proves to be generally balanced.

With Denmark taking the lead, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Sweden have their quotations remain unchanged. The upward tendency is continuing in Spain, France and Belgium, with the pigs-mature-for-slaughter-prices still rising. This way, the French quo-tation succeeded in outpacing the German price. The last time something like this had happened was in August 2007.

With regard to pigs-mature-for-slaughter-prices, the major reason for the price increases to take a breather is that two days of slaughter will be missing within the next two weeks’ time. Thus, live pigs are available in plentiful supply before Easter. As a result of that, a further increase of quotations was by no means justifiable. France alone reported reduced numbers of pigs on offer (less than 380 000), thus arriving the lowest level ever since July 2007.

Trend: In view of the fact that the slaughter companies presently have their slaughter belts running at full speed in order to cope with the quantities of live pigs on offer, prices are expected to remain steady. Most likely, this kind of breather will be over right after Easter. Prices are expected to develop in a friendly way thereafter.


5m Editor