European Market: On The Up and Steadily Rising

by 5m Editor
4 March 2008, at 12:13pm

EU - The European slaughter pig market made positive moves this week. An upswing in prices is welcome relief but supplies are tightening.

Reports from say that while Spain succeeds in strengthening its top position through a clear four-euro cent increase, France is has seen a five-cents increase - its highest rise since August 2006. It now ranks third behind the behind the Netherlands.

Prices have also increased by two cents in Denmark, but the Danes are still trailing the market with the lowest reported prices.

Germany is usually the trend-setter for price increases, but now France, Denmark and Spain are prove taking the lead with European pig-price increases.

The noticeable rise in pig prices are due to contraction in the market as there are now less live animals coming forward to meet strong good demand. France reports its lowest slaughter numbers since mid-November, France are quantities less than 400,000 pigs, proving contraction is beginning to happen within the production sector.

Trend: With demand still strong and an under supply of finished pigs coming through, European prices are expected to continue to go rise. Additional momentum might be gained at the beginning of the month as demand for meat increase.

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5m Editor