FCC Awards $2000 to Donate a Hog Program

by 5m Editor
13 March 2008, at 10:56am

GUELPH - The Ontario Pork 'Donate a Hog' program has received a CAN$2000 donation from Farm Credit Canada (FCC), presented to the organisation at it Annual General Meeting held in London, this week.

All funds raised through the program are donated to the Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB), who in turn coordinates the purchasing and distribution of pork products.

John Geurtjens, FCC Director for Guelph District, praised the OAFB and credited the efforts of Ontario Pork for providing an avenue and program which helps thousands of families.

“The Donate a Hog program is an opportunity for Ontario’s pork farmers to demonstrate their commitment and generosity by donating towards families who are in need,” said Ontario Pork Chair Curtiss Littlejohn. “As farmers, we work hard to produce safe, quality pork for our customers and we are pleased to be involved in such a worthy cause.”

Since its inception in 1998, the Donate a Hog program has raised more than $80,000 to help feed the hungry in Ontario. OAFB is delighted to have such enthusiastic support from the pig sector.

"Our organization sees firsthand the difference that these donations make to people’s lives,” said Adam Spence, Executive Director of OAFB.

Ontario Pork represents the 2,900 farmers who market pigs in the province. It function in many areas, including livestock marketing, research, government representation, environmental issues, consumer education and food quality assurance.

5m Editor