Lift Ban Says Manitoba's Pork Council

by 5m Editor
19 March 2008, at 9:30am

CANADA - The Manitoba Pork Council is calling on the NDP government to lift its indefinite ban on new hog barns. However, the province stands firm and says it has an an obligation to protect water resources.

Reports in Winnipeg's Sun newspaper say that the industry has been singled out for no reason. Chairman of Manitoba Pork Council, Karl Kynoch says the ban on new pig buildings in some parts of the province will lead to further decline of an already hard pressed industry.

He reiterates that the Clean Environment Commission's report into the pig industry did not explicitly recommend an extended moratorium on new hog barns. And there have been suggestions that the province is ignoring its recommendations.

However, Conservation Minister Stan Struthers defended the action. He said the indefinite ban on new barns in some parts of the province is only one step in a framework to protect Manitoba's water, he said.

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