More Aid Unnecessary, Prices are Improving, says EC

by 5m Editor
28 March 2008, at 8:27am

EU - Positive signs of an improvement in the market may be behind the European Commission's rejection of calls for further aid for the pig industry.

It claims that prices are now showing signs of improvement, with increases in the past month of eight per cent in Denmark, Poland and Germany and 12 per cent in Spain.

According to the Farmers Guardian, This is because the number of pigs being produced has fallen sharply, thanks to the number of farmers squeezed out of the industry by a year of heavy losses.

While these price improvements will be welcomed a real return to profitability in the face of rising costs is still elusive. There are also concerns that shortages will severely damage the UK pig sector in the long term.

View the Farmers Guardian story by clicking here.

5m Editor