Open House for First Hi-Tech 'Finnish' System

by 5m Editor
12 March 2008, at 11:14am

FINLAND - A working partnership between equipment manufactured Big Dutchman and Finland's premier processer LSO Foods will officially unveil its first pig finishing operation tomorrow at Hämeenkoski.

The building (pictured), is a 1,500-place fully slatted house, on Janne Nisula's farm at near Lahti, halfway between Helsinki and Tampere. It will be officially inaugurated during tomorrow's open day, where producers and the allied trade are invited to come and see the technology for themselves.

The project is a co-operative venture between Big Dutchman and LSO Finland's largest slaughter and processing chain. The standard finishing house is equipped with the innovative technology including a BD's Hydromix computer-controlled liquid feeding system, automatic water systems and a fully controlled environment. The production unit also incorporates a farm-based feed mill, also supplied by Big Dutchman, and is part of an integrated system to produce high-health, quality pigs as efficiently as possible.

Standardising Production

Big Dutchman hopes visitors will be impressed by the technology demonstrated at the Nisula unit. This is the first building to be completed by the German-Finnish project partners and further investment is planned on other LSO supply farms. The processor, using BD expertise, has drawn up preset construction standards - the same ones used for this project - which will be used to upgrade existing units or erect new pig finishing buildings.

The aim is to standardise LSO's finishing operations and optimise consistency in terms of health and hygiene, productivity and carcase quality and performance.

Tomorrow's open day is at Janne Nisula's unit, Mieholantie 140, 16800 Hämeenkoski, Finland from 12 noon.

5m Editor