PMWS and PDNS in the UK

by 5m Editor
19 March 2008, at 1:01pm

UK - Veterinary Laboratories Agency (VLA) Quarterly Surveillance report on PMWS and PDNS from October to December 2007.

Diagnoses of Post-weaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (PMWS,)as a percentage of relevant diagnostic submissions, were stable during the quarter compared with the same quarter for the previous two years (see histogram for October to December 1999-2007) according to the UK Veterinary Laboratory Agency's fourth quarterly surveillance report.

The rate of 8.9 per cent is still high but a significant fall from the peak for this quarter in 2001 at 37.8 per cent.

There has been a steady fall in diagnoses of PMWS since the peak in 2001 (see seasonality chart), the VLA says.

Naturally occurring herd immunity is a suggested explanation for this declining incidence and severity of disease associated with PCV2.

This falling incidence precedes the use of inactivated PCV2 vaccine which was available, with a special import certificate, for use in the UK from December 2006 and licensed in July 2007. The vaccine is for use in breeding age pigs to timulate active immunity in gilts and sows to provide passive immunity in piglets through colostral uptake of antibody. Anecdotal reports from clinicians indicate that use of the vaccine has improved growing pig productivity. PCV2 vaccines for weaners and growing pigs are being used with a special import certificate.

Analysis of VIDA data for 2007 showed pneumonia due to PCV2 was not recorded as a single diagnosis. Of the 11 submissions diagnosed as PCV2 pneumonia all had concurrent diagnoses; the most frequent were as follows: PRRS (5) and pneumonia due to P. multocida (3).

Diagnostic rates for PDNS remain stable (see histogram for October to December 1999-2007). The aetiology of this syndrome remains unknown however there is strong association with PCV2 infection.

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