Russia Production Poised to Increase

by 5m Editor
14 March 2008, at 12:43pm

US. American forecasters say that Russia's pig sector is expected yield 41.7 million pigs this year - marking a six per cent increase in productivity.

Larger pig stocks are being sustained by higher meat prices and subsidised for credits. There has also been a marked improvement in on-farm performance and efficiency.

Reports on America's Cattle Network say that the forecast for pork production now stood 1.5 percent higher than previously predicted. Some meat market analysts say that by 2012 pork production in the Federation could reach 3.5 MMT – up 75 percent from 2008 estimates. Production companies are investing in new modern unit, increasing capacity and adopting new technology to boost performance.

Planned Expansion

More than 100 new pork production facilities are to be built and are expected to raise domestic pork production (live weight) by 855,000 MT in 2008 and 950,000 MT in 2009. Many of them will feature foreign equipment imported under a resolution adopted in November 2006 that extended duty-free importation of all agricultural machinery and equipment that are not produced domestically. The Russian government has set a goal for annual domestic pork production of 2.4 MMT (once all proposed measures are fully implemented and successful).

Domestic livestock production is currently cost prohibitive due to unreasonably high production costs, feed conversion ratios and rising energy prices. As a result, 65 percent of swine farms operate with an inefficient business model. Such farms cannot compete with the other 35 percent that operate using the latest technology available.

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5m Editor