Shoppers Can Now <i>"txt"</i> for Recipes

by 5m Editor
20 March 2008, at 12:18pm

NEW ZEALAND - The New Zealand pork industry has launched a new promotional campaign - by text message.

New Zealand Pork is rolling out a txt recipe service as part of a new labelling regime that sees locally-produced pork more clearly identified in the meat cabinet.

Labels are currently appearing on pork in New World supermarkets, and due to appear on pork from Foodtown, Woolworths and independent butchers in the coming weeks.

For 20 cents, shoppers can now send a txt from their mobile phones to receive one of six different recipes using common cuts of pork - from roasts through mince and stir fry to grill and barbecue cuts.

The txt messaging campaign - a first for New Zealand - is expected to provide extra impetus for New Zealand Pork's campaign to help Kiwis choose the local home grown product.

"Our research shows that people want to cook more New Zealand pork but don't have a familiar recipe to use, that's when we came up with the idea for txting," says NZ Pork chief executive Sam McIvor.

"Virtually everyone has a mobile phone and for many it's the preferred method of communicating.

"With the txting programme we are recognising that people sometimes need advice and there's no better place to provide it than when they are shopping and faced with the 'what's for dinner' dilemma. It's the instant answer."