Stop the Rot - Retailers Must Keep Faithful to Mark

by 5m Editor
25 March 2008, at 2:07pm

The NPA says that it will become increasingly important to ensure retailers keep faith with honest labelling and the Quality Standard Mark.

But, in a report for the Association, Producer Richard Longthorp says that the rot may already have started.

"Great display in Tesco Goole this morning... only trouble is, out of the 22 columns of pork described as Great British Food, only 12 were in fact British. The rest was Danish and Polish, in fact the whole second shelf down from the top — between the Great British Food banners — was Danish," he adds.

The industry is currently in the process of organising a high profile rally outside Asda House in Leeds. Police approval has been given and a date will be fixed next week.

5m Editor