Cash Boost for Argentine Animal Health and Food Safety

by 5m Editor
21 April 2008, at 10:44am

ARGENTINA - The Argentine food safety authority, Senasa, is to receive US$300 million from the government and Inter-American Development Bank to strengthen its quality control processes.

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez

The money will be used to boost the country's Programme of Provincial Farming Services, Prosap.

The grant was announced by the Argentine president Cristina Fernandez in a speech in the White Room at the Argentine parliament .

She said that Senasa is an integral part of the quality control of Argentine animal and vegetable production and that the organisation's certificate of quality is essential for Argentine agricultural exports.

The initial payment form the IADB is the first part of a $1,030 million grant that will rise to $3,770 million in stages.

President Fernandez said it will enable producers to ensure the quality and add value to their products.

"Our cereals, instead of leaving Argentina without added value, can be fed to chickens, pigs and cattle in Argentina, which will add value to those animals," she said.

"We are adding work for the rest of the Argentineans, so that the Argentineans can also participate in the generation of that wealth."

The grants, which will be disbursed over 15 years, will help maintain national and international competitiveness, by helping to modernise the institutional management of Senasa, consolidate the animal health system, strengthen the phytosanitary system and integrate the structure of the regional and national food safety system.

5m Editor