In-breeding Inefficient, says GB Expert

by 5m Editor
28 April 2008, at 8:25am

PHILIPPINES - Cross breeding is a better alternative to in-breeding even for backyard pig farms, a British expert said during the recently concluded hog convention.

Dr. Rex Walters of the British Pig Association said that while in-breeding—allowing swine and sow from the same breed to mate and reproduce—is commonly practiced by pig farms, it increases the possibilities of animal defects and lesser litter yield per year.

Cross breeding, however, improves survival rate of piglets and increases by about six percent the litter size per year, Walters said during the 17th Convention.

A report on the proceedings in in the SunStar, says that the use of good genetics for production would result in a large number of pigs per year, as well as fast and efficient growth, he said. He also said that good genetics would result in pigs with big appetites that, in turn, will lead to better quality pork.

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5m Editor