Malayans Advised Not To Sell Off Land

by 5m Editor
14 April 2008, at 9:46am

KUALA LUMPUR - Malayans living near the Tumbuk Estate in Kuala Langat have been advised not to sell off their land in view of the proposed RM100-million pig farming project proposed for the area.

News site, says that Datuk Moehamad Izat Emir, President of the Malaysian Entrepreneurs and Traders Federation (Perdasama), has told residents to safeguard their land, particularly that has been bequeathed to them.

"Do not be hasty in selling off land because the strength of the Malays lies in the land they own. Do not be taken in by the intimidation of certain quarters who claim that the price of land there will drop once the project is launched," he told Bernama.

Izat was commenting on the protests by the inhabitants in the vicinity of Tumbuk Estate against the Selangor government's proposal to build the pig farm there.

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5m Editor