Manure Issues: Analysis, Values and Compliance

by 5m Editor
21 April 2008, at 2:51pm

UK - With fertiliser prices hitting dizzy heights, the value of livestock manure is becoming more important and the 'product' much sought after.

And pig-poo's a great alternative, packed full of nutrients that growing crops need.

BPEX is a consortium member in a research project developing a rapid and lower cost system for analysing nutrient content of manures and slurries. It wants to collect a wide range of manure and slurry samples so that the analysing equipment can be calibrated.

BPEX is asking producers who have already agreed to supply samples, but have not sent them off yet, to do so as soon as possible. And for those who think they could help to contact Nigel Penlington on Tel.01908 844276.

BPEX will supply the sample bags and bottles and arrange for collection. The whole process is simple and straight forward, but will be a very valuable exercise.

The value of manures is now starting to be recognised by farmers with nitrogen fertiliser hitting £300/t and TSP (Triple super phosphate) over £500/t, if you can get it!

Getting to Grips with IPPC

Staying with waste... BPEX is holding a series of spring workshops on IPPC. Understanding and complying with an IPPC Permit will focus on: Environment Agency visits; understanding permit conditions; pollution; inventory; improvement plans and what is BAT?

The meetings will provide a great opportunity to ensure permit conditions are complied with and to meet and discuss issues and ask questions, say Nigel Penlington.

The workshop is designed for pig farms operating within the IPPC regime and the format is flexible to allow you to ask questions and improve your understanding.

Dates and venues:
  • 23rd April, Richmond Park Golf Club, Thetford
  • 28th April, Earls Green, Stowmarket
  • 30th April, Hodnet.
All start 4.30- 5.00pm and will finish at approximately 7.00pm with refreshments.
To register contact Michelle Horan on Tel.01908-844734.

5m Editor