New World Beating Boar Goes to War on Feed Costs

by 5m Editor
15 April 2008, at 9:45am

UK - A new boar bred by UK's pig genetics company JSR Genetics, is consistently achieving a record breaking reduction in feed conversion rates (FCR) - 13.4 per cent less than the UK average - and the lowest achieved by any pig, anywhere in the world.

Dubbed 'the world's most efficient pig' the new JSR Geneconverter 700 will be launched at next month's Industry shop-window the British Pig & Poultry Fair. It brings to fruition years of research and development by the company's geneticists.

JSR Geneconverter

Dr Grant Walling, Director of Research and Genetics, says that the potential benefit of the FCR performance of this boar line, compared with the national average, means that the Geneconverter 700 could offer savings of £5 per pig produced*.

This is what the 13.4 per cent reduction in FCR equates to a based on BPEX figures and it's supported by JSR's commercial trials currently taking place throughout the UK. They have also returned consistently outstanding figures, which in the current economic climate are proving very valuable.

With feed prices having risen so steeply, feed conversion is now key to maintaining profitability, and the JSR Geneconverter 700 is better than any other pig for delivering value, says Dr Walling.

Real Commercial Significance

"With feed accounting for approximately 65 per cent of production costs, this boar is going to make a significant difference to producers' profitability," he adds.

Table 1: JSR Geneconverter 700 trials incorporating recent inflated feed prices
Average UK herd* GC700 Benefit to GC700
FCR Wean-Slaughter 2.54 2.20 -0.34
Days to Slaughter 172 147 -25 days
Margin over feed £23.40 £28.42 £5.20
COP p/kg dead 125.2p/kg 118.1p/kg -7.1p/kg
Financial benefit per 100 sows £9922.66
*Based on 50% increase in feed costs from Pig Yearbook 2007 published by BPEX

"The JSR Geneconverter 700 really does offer some good news for pig producers at a time when there's not too much of it about. We're extremely proud to add such a notable and purposeful new line to the JSR stable and think it's well worth celebrating."

And Carlos Peralta, JSR's Commercial Director agrees, He says results such as these are always gratifying.

"The Geneconverter 700 combines the very best of the JSR and Newsham genetic lines. Its remarkable FCR is just one excellent quality; apart from its outstanding growth performance, the JSR Geneconverter 700 is robustly healthy with strong legs and an extremely high libido," he explains.

CT scans underline the genotype's performance benefits in terms of carcase quality and conformation. JSR says that with continued feed price instability, the Geneconverter 700 will have an important part to play in the future profitability of pig production units in the UK and the rest of the world.

Table 2: CT Scan Results:
GC700 Average (All Breeds)
Muscle % 41.30 40.4
Fat % 8.55 9.92
Loin % 9.75 9.46
Source: JSR Research and SAC, Edinburgh

Further information and technical data on the Geneconverter 700 will be available from JSR throughout the British Pig and Poultry Fair - Stand 105, in Hall 2. The company is also hosting a free to enter prize draw to win 25 doses of Geneconverter semen per week, supplied for 6 months.

5m Editor