Paylean Approval Could Come By Summer

by 5m Editor
18 April 2008, at 8:25am

CANADA - Canadian market access to China is expected could improve later this year if Chinese officials decide to approve the use of the hog feed additive commonly marketed under the brand name Paylean.

The approval could be awarded this summer, says Alberta's Farmer Express, and if so could offer benefits to pig industries on both countries. Export opportunities for Canada and an greater access to pork supplies for China's increasingly demanding market.

"Hopefully by July China will have reached some conclusion on this issue. They are conducting an import risk assessment and until that is done there is not a lot Canada can do except to wait for the results," said Jacques Pomerleau, executive director for Canada Pork International in Ottawa.

Paylean, which contains ractpopamine hydrochloride, improves the quality of meat cuts by directing nutrients away from fat deposition and toward lean deposition, thus increasing the amount of lean pork and high-value meat cuts in the carcass. It also increases production as lean is more efficient to produce than fat, meaning that pigs fed Paylean reach market weight in fewer days with less feed.

Paylean has been approved for use in 30 countries, including Canada and the US, but China has yet to give its approval for the use of the feed additive. The drug has been banned there since 2002.

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5m Editor