Pig Farmer Fury at BRC

by 5m Editor
28 April 2008, at 3:05pm

UK - British pig producers have reacted angrily to the British Retail Consortium's (BRC) dismissal of the severe economic problems facing their industry and claims that it is supermarkets who are absorbing costs to help beat food inflation.

BRC spokesperson Richard Dodd has been widely quoted in the media claiming: "Some prices are going up but it is important to remember that supermarkets are absorbing an awful lot of increases."

Meanwhile, writing on food inflation in The Grocer (18 April), Kevin Hawkins speaking on behalf of BRC said that farmers, except for a few exceptions, were doing quite nicely.

Yorkshire farmer Richard Longthorp said that the comments really are a slap in the face for pig farmers.

"BPEX figures show the price of pork in supermarkets has risen by an average of 57.89p/kg since last July. At farm level it rose by the princely sum of 7.49p/kg. At the same time production costs for farmers have risen by 35p/kg. So when it comes to pork and bacon it is the pig farmers who are absorbing costs and making a loss, not the supermarkets," he stated, vehemently.

5m Editor