Sand Solution in Pork

by 5m Editor
8 April 2008, at 11:15am

KOREA - Sandstorms are proving a boon for Korea's pork market. Domestic sales are up, due to an element of foklore which says the meat and quel the effects of dust on the respiratory system.

According to the Arirang News, the theory has not been scientifically proven, but some Koreans say eating pork makes their body feel cleansed when the sandstorms hit.

Some 600g portions of the meat have gone up in price by about W500 (US$1=W975) because of the increased demand.

Meanwhile, a number of businesses are taking advantage of the phenomenon by organizing marketing events such as providing protective white masks, discounts on pork and free meals when dust warnings are issued.

View the Arirang News story by clicking here.

5m Editor