Use Political Funds to Push Food Program

by 5m Editor
7 April 2008, at 1:32pm

MANILA - Politician Prospero Nograles says congressmen would do well to use their Countrywide Development Funds or 'pork barrel' to support food production projects and help prevent a food supply crisis.

Speaking to the House committee on agriculture yesterday, he said that politicians could help avert the looming scenario of a food crisis and at the same time bring down the prices of commodities which are really getting out of control.

According to the Manila Standard, each congressman is entitled to P70 million worth of pork barrel, which usually goes to public works projects such as roads and bridges. Senators have bigger pork barrel allocations at P200 million each.

Nograles also urged the Agriculture Department to come up with a list of specific target areas, which can be developed into special zones for food production.

Congressmen who own agricultural lands should make sure that their districts don’t run out of food supply, Nograles said.

Nograles’ proposal was backed by Palawan Rep. Abraham Mitra, chairman of the House committee on agriculture, who said that the Agriculture Department can also release counterpart funds to support food production programs in these target areas.

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5m Editor