Budget Money for Animal ID Welcomed

by 5m Editor
22 May 2008, at 11:21am

NEW ZEALAND - Meat & Wool New Zealand has welcomed the Government’s commitment to assist in the funding of a national animal identification and tracing system and farm register, announced in the Budget today (Thursday).

Chairman, Mike Petersen, who is just home from meetings in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, says food safety issues are top of mind for consumers in those markets.

“This enhanced traceability system reinforces the message that our natural grass-fed products are safe – something that is becoming increasingly important for health-conscious consumers.

"While this system might not deliver premiums to farmers in the short-term, it is an important risk management tool to protect ourselves in the future if our food safety is questioned."

Meat & Wool New Zealand is a member of the NAIT Governance Group that has been working on developing the identification system for cattle and deer.

"While it might seem to have taken some time to get up and running, we’ve been working hard to ensure the system is robust and that our future needs are catered for. We’ve been pleased to support the pilot programme in the Waikato and anticipate that programme will now lead to a full roll out."

The Government has allocated NZ$10.1 million to set up the national animal identification and tracing system and farm register. A further NZ$13.2 million over four years has been allocated for the operating costs of the system.

5m Editor