Commission to Analyse Long-Term Prospects

by 5m Editor
2 May 2008, at 8:36am

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND - A new commission on the future of agriculture and agri-food in Prince Edward Island expects to draft a long-term vision for its agri-sector.

In a report for the Manitoba Co-operator, Agriculture Minister Neil LeClair said it was apparent that the current commodity model of production is not working for producers in this province.

"We need a unique Island approach to issues that are facing the agriculture sector nationally and globally," he said in a release. "We are in a unique position to succeed, and the new commission will help to define that approach."

The PEI commission, which is expected to produce a draft report by about Oct. 14 and a final report by 5 December is launched in the wake of the final report of a similar commission in Quebec in February.

The Quebec commission recommended a number of both sweeping and minor changes meant to encourage young people to enter the industry, spur diversification and development, and revamp provincial ag income supports.

The PEI commission, whose members have yet to be named, will be co-chaired by former provincial deputy ag minister Rory Francis and by ag economist Ed Tyrchniewicz, associate dean of the University of Manitoba's Asper School of Business.

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5m Editor