DA Supports Import of 38,000 MT Pork

by 5m Editor
15 May 2008, at 8:04am

THE PHILIPPINES - The Department of Agriculture (DA) is encouraging the importation of 38,000 metric tons (MT) of pork under the minimum access volume (MAV) program in order to augment supply and help cut the price of pork in the local market, reports Manila Bulletin.

DA Secretary Arthur C. Yap said the importation of the low tariff-bearing MAV program will ease hog price in the market along with government’s breeder restocking and vaccination program.

The MAV program over the past few years was not being utilized by the private sector due to the previously higher availability of swine locally. But now that hog price hit R200 per kilo, now settling at R180 to R195 per kilo, DA believes private companies that have allocation under the MAV should import their allotted volume.

The country imports pork from Germany, United States, and Europe. It has abstained from importing the meat from neighboring Asian countries due to the absence of proper quarantine procedures in importation and due to prevailing diseases like foot and mouth disease and hog cholera in these countries.

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5m Editor