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Discord Between Farmers and Ag Ministry over Pork

by 5m Editor
20 May 2008, at 8:08am

FIJI - There is discord between some of Fiji's major piggery owners and the Agriculture Ministry, the former saying that "it is the feed and not the seed that matters."

The owners were reacting to the ministriy saying the use of artificial insemination would boost pig production, according to The Fiji Times.

The ministry is promoting artificial insemination of pigs as a feasible and highly economical method of improving the local pig industry and meeting the high demand for pork.

Ministry research officer Isikeli Raisuqe said their research findings revealed that artifical insemination was more economical compared to natural reproduction methods.

"Our research indicates that importing live animals or keeping a boar (male pig) for reproductive purposes is more expensive. Keeping a boar costs an average of $500 for feed alone. On top of this boars mate only twice a year meaning there is low productivity," he said.

However major pork producer Leylands Meats manager Gregory Yee asked where would the ministry continue to get the right semen from.

Leylands, Waiyanitu Farms and the Vuda Piggery are the major pork producers in Fiji and are believed to be using similar methods to rear pigs.

Fiji Meats Industry board manager Filipe Alifereti hailed the ministry's moves encouraging more farmers to use artificial insemination as it would encourage people to raise better breeds of pigs.

View The Fiji Times story by clicking here.

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