"Double Dead" Pork Confiscated at Quezon City

by 5m Editor
20 May 2008, at 9:09am

QUEZON CITY - ABS-CBN News has reported that a minimum of 3 tons of "double dead" pork were seized at Quezon City by the National Meat Inspection Service earlier today.

According to NMIS executive director, Jane Bacayo, the contraband was confiscated at Balintawak market during an operation conducted around 1 a.m.

Bacayo said the raid was done based on a tip from an informant about the arrival of the double dead meat.

"Look at this one. The meat has no NMIS mark. All of these [meat] did not go through NMIS inspection," Bacayo told reporters while holding a slab of double dead pork.

Bacayo said buyers should avoid buying pork that costs only P120 per kilogram. He said the public should not risk their health and avoid buying cheap pork, which, he said, are usually double dead.

View the ABS-CBN story by clicking here.

5m Editor