EPP Congress 2008

by 5m Editor
12 May 2008, at 10:47am

UK - This year the English branch of European Pig Producers will host the 2008 congress in Norwich from 5-8 June.

The branch has chosen for its theme "How to live with the world's most sophisticated retailers".

The event will attract pig producers and pig industry professionals from across Europe and will be a change to meet on a social basis as well as here a full programme of presentations.

Key papers will be structure of pig production in Great Britain by Mick Sloyan the CEO of the Britsh Pig Executive, Structure of supply chain by Richard Lowe; the retailer - Tesco explains what drives its business and what it looks for from its supply chain; the processor - meeting retailer expectations as a strong supplier or as a partner in the chain by Tulip International and Tönnies; the producer - an equal partner in the supply chain?

5m Editor