EU Pig Prices: Europe's Glass Half-Full!

by 5m Editor
21 May 2008, at 8:30am

EU - This week sees good news! Europe's slaughter market seems to be in high spirits, reports

Austria has had to adjust its quotations because of Germany's halt in price quotations, remaining unchanged. This reveals a ranking which shows a slightly diminished gap between Germany (at the forefront), followed by Spain and the Netherlands.

There is also quite a conspicuous rise in France's prices. Because of this, the country is slightly ahead of Denmark.

In spite of the short breather taken in Germany and Austria, resulting from demand stagnating for weather reasons and from one missing day of slaughter (Feast of Cor-pus Christi) in some countries, none of those involved in the market really expects causes for concern to emerge currently.

Trend: Europe is, on the whole, rather optimistic about it's slaughter market. The market position being stable, it can be noted that potential still exists.

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5m Editor