EU Pig Prices: Prices Continue to Surge

by 5m Editor
27 May 2008, at 9:35am

EU - The EU slaughter market this week has been affected in a positive way, what with the overall odds appearing to be favorable.

At present, seeing as to how Spain and France have raised their price quotations by 4 cents, the two countries are at the top of the market. While prices in the rest of Europe are constant, Austria, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands have upped their prices at temperate levels, reports

Due to this, the Spanish succeeded in closing in on the German price, thus paying the highest prices for pigs at present. Live-pigs sales are reported to be somewhat active throughout Europe and exports towards Eastern Europe are very vivid.

Reports reveal that Belgium slaughter pig sales are going down. Slaughter companies in Eastern Europe have decided on purchasing live pigs from Germany and the Netherlands, in consequence of the last weeks’ boost.

Trend: The current European market has been set by the rising prices, particularly that of Germany. Prices are expected to rise furthermore thanks to the combination of fine weather and less pigs on supply.

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5m Editor