EU Pig Prices: Stimulated By High-Pressure System!

by 5m Editor
14 May 2008, at 10:55am

EU - At present, the price increases look almost untamable in favour of EU pigs mature for slaughter.

People in the EU member countries seem to hunger for barbecue meat. With supply remaining limited nonetheless, prices go on increasing a great deal.

For the fifth time in a row, Germany has succeeded in putting through a high quotation, increasing prices by 8 cents. This way, Germany did well in overtaking the Spanish price level, now leading the ranking list.

Pig supply in Spain has already been increased, in preparation for the holiday months and the holiday-makers who are expected to go to Spain. As a result, however, prices remain stagnating.

The Netherlands, Belgium and Austria are circling the zenith, adjusting their quotations to the German prices again.

In spite of all disturbances caused by the Russian ban on imports, Denmark was able to raise prices slightly. Even France was capable of disrupting the downward movement, then moving sideward. Pigs mature for slaughter are even paid a higher price for in Ireland this week.

Trend: Presently, the weather and price forecasts both bode well. The atmosphere appears to be optimistic, and demand for pigs continues to be on a level higher than quantities for supply are.

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5m Editor