Farmers Expect to be Affected by Climate Change

by 5m Editor
28 May 2008, at 1:19pm

UK - Almost 70% of pig farmers interviewed by Farming Futures in England report said they expect to be affected by climate change in the next ten years. As a result they’re already taking action: half are reported to be reducing their contribution to climate change by improving their on-farm energy efficiency and water management, and 40% are taking action to adapt to climate change.

Survey results also found that more than half of pig farmers are already affected by climate change. The majority of pig farmers believe that climate change presents more risks for their businesses, with only 13% believing it could present opportunities. More survey results are available on the new Farming Futures website, which will help farmers, land managers and their advisors with practical ideas to make their businesses more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Farming Futures provides inspiration and information via fact sheets on every farming sector and topical issues such as anaerobic digestion, water and biomass. Farmers can watch videos, read case studies of best practice and sign up for free events throughout the year. The events provide ideas on how to adapt to and reduce the impacts of climate change now, whilst reducing cost and risk in the future.

Farming Futures is an industry-led collaboration project between the NFU, CLA, AIC, AHRF, Forum for the Future and Defra to communicate practical action on climate change.

5m Editor