Final Rule on Mandatory Price Reporting Published

by 5m Editor
19 May 2008, at 11:25am

US - The Agricultural Marketing Service today published a final rule, “Livestock Mandatory Reporting: Reestablishment and Revision of the Reporting Regulation for Swine, Cattle, Lamb, and Boxed Beef“ in the Federal Register.

The final rule reestablishes the regulatory authority for the continued operation of the Livestock Mandatory Reporting program.

It further incorporates the swine reporting changes contained within the September 2005 Reauthorization Act of the Livestock Mandatory Reporting Act of 1999. In addition it makes changes to improve the effectiveness of the program based on the agency’s experience in administering the program. The rule is effective July 15, 2008.

Further Reading

More information - You can view the final rule in its entirety by clicking here.

5m Editor