Heluka™ Method of Farming Introduced

IOWA - The Beeler Pork story began in 1846 when Fred Beeler immigrated from Germany to the gently rolling hills of Madison County, Iowa.
calendar icon 13 May 2008
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"Consumers are taking a much more active role in understanding how their food is being produced. They understand that poor animal welfare can pose a serious threat to the food they eat"
Julie Beeler, vice president of sales for Beeler Pork

Here on his farmstead, Fred Beeler began raising pigs and word quickly spread about his ability to produce great tasting pork while focusing on the welfare of his animals. Fred Beeler believed that raising animals for human consumption should be no excuse for his animals to suffer. After all, his animals were making the ultimate sacrifice, so he made sure his animals were treated fairly and humanely. Today, five generations later those beliefs still guide Beeler Pork as they introduce their new proprietary method of farming named Heluka™ derived from the Native American language meaning “Full of Sun”.

“Heluka™ is a very fitting name for our new farming system. Our pigs are not kept confined, they are free to go outside to enjoy the fresh air and bask in the sunshine,” stated Tim Beeler, president of Beeler Pork.

Heluka™ is a new and revolutionary system of farming that truly sets Beeler Pork apart from other pork producers based upon their ability to ensure their pigs are raised with compassion and that consumers are getting an exceptional, safe and great tasting product.

“Consumers are taking a much more active role in understanding how their food is being produced. They understand that poor animal welfare can pose a serious threat to the food they eat,” explained Julie Beeler, vice president of sales for Beeler Pork.

Heluka™ is an all inclusive proprietary system focusing on pig comfort, welfare and genetics.

The Heluka™ farming system highlights include:

Gestation crates are not allowed on Beeler Heluka™ Farms. Rather, mama pigs enjoy the comfort of deep bedded nests of straw where they are free to move around, root and socialize with the other animals. They are also provided free access to food and water courts and of course outdoor paddocks to enjoy the sunshine.

Also, Beeler Heluka™ Farms do not allow farrowing crates. Instead each Mama pig is provided her own birthing ward where she is free to get up and move around at will, yet still providing the best care for her young.

The fattening phase is conducted in propriety designed Heluka™ houses. The pigs are not confined, they are free to lounge, play, root or nest in deep straw bedded areas or go outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

“Our animals are free to choose their own environment and socialize in their natural behavior; from the nest to the outdoor paddocks, it is up to them. When we created our Heluka™ method of farming, the welfare of our pigs was our top priority,” stated Beeler.

Beeler Heluka™ pigs are raised without any antibiotics or growth promotants ever and are never fed any animal by-products. Heluka™ products are made without adding artificial ingredients or preservatives, including msg, sodium nitrites or nitrates, phosphates, glutens or binders.

“Our new Heluka™ system is the next step in producing better tasting All Natural pork products. By utilizing a very specific genetic program featuring the heritage Duroc breed we do not need to enhance our product to make it taste good. We want consumers to enjoy the real natural succulent flavor of our pork”, added Julie Beeler.

The Beeler Heluka™ line consists of a vast array of both healthy and delicious products ranging from our number one selling Hickory Smoked Bacon to our Award Winning Ham and People’s Choice Natural Casing Weiner.

“Since 1846 our family mission has been to provide consumers with superb tasting pork products, free of chemicals, and to treat our animals with compassion. I’m proud to say, that 161 years later, our great- great Grandpa Fred’s values are still fueling the success and growth of Beeler Pork,” stated Tim Beeler.

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