Majorcan Black Pig Selected Among the 15 Most Interesting

by 5m Editor
22 May 2008, at 8:36am

SPAIN - The European project quality Pork Chains selected the Majorcan Black Pig, among 15 production models, to be studied from the sustainability point of view, as well as from that of the genetic particularity of this animal, catalogued in Spain's list of breeds as an endangered autochthonous pig breed and in FAO's as a 100% purebred.

This selection is an acknowledgement to the work done, along the years, by the Conselleria d'Agricultura i Pesca (Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing) of the Balearic Government, through IBABSA (Balearic Institute for Animal Biology) and IRTA (Institute for Food and Agricultural Research and Technology).

The studies carried out on the Majorcan Black Pig focused on the meat and fat quality of this pig, as well as on the extensive production model of this animal in Mallorca.

Being selected in the Quality Pork Chains will allow the introduction of the production system characteristics of the Majorcan black pig and the quality of its products to the European Union. This choice has been highly appraised by the implied institutions, as it will allow the enlargement of studies, which will have a direct repercussion in the benefit of the Majorcan breed and of the final consumer.

The fact that the Majorcan black pig is bred in extensive conditions, in which these free-range animals are obviously free to graze at will, thus making good use of Mallorca's ecosystem resources in this production system, has been considered in the selection of this breed among the 15 most interesting ones. In addition, the unique genetic characteristics of this animal, a purebred, which has never been crossed, give its meat and fat characteristics not present in any other breed of pigs. This selection will also contribute to preserve the Majorcan black pig.

Starting this month, April, IBABSA and IRTA's technicians, together with the Majorcan Black Pig Stockbreeders Association, are developing a working plan to establish a joint strategy for the dissemination of this breed's characteristics. Considering the interesting results obtained in the studies already carried out, these two institutions and the Escola d'Hostaleria de Balears (Balear's School of Hostelry and Catering) have organized a scientific symposium about the Majorcan Black Pig, which will be held on May 8.

5m Editor