Mankato Company and U of M Develop PRRS Vaccine

by 5m Editor
26 May 2008, at 9:01am

MINNESOTA - A Mankato-based company, along with researchers from the University of Minnesota, has developed a new pig vaccine that farmers and veterinarians are hoping will gradually obliterate PRRS, a disease that costs the industry more than $550 million a year.

According to the Mankato Free Press, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS, pronounced ‘pers’) has been a bane to hog farmers, killing piglets and preventing them from thriving for over 20 years.

Until now, farmers have been trying to control outbreaks but were unable to ward off future strains. They’ve focused on biosecurity and hygiene in a less than successful effort to prevent infection.

But “this vaccine we hope and we think will be a breakthrough that will allow that (eradication) to happen,” said Mark Whitney, hog specialist for the U of M Extension Service.

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